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Technology, Creativity, Education. Innovation and Experimentation


TECNOLAB is an educational and stimulating project that combines technology with innovation and creativity. It regards children and young people as technology makers and it aims to develop in them a range of abilities and skills (such as creative, logical or computational thinking) that enhance their current and future capabilities. We focus on “Learning by doing”, using experimentation and imagination as a tool for learning.

TECNOLAB’s principles and Objectives

Awakening curiosity

Experimentation  Research

Teamwork Communication

Critical thinking

Decision making

TECNOLAB’s learning methodology

“Tell me it and I will forget it, show me how to do it and I will remember it.”

We focus on the simulation of actual experience, in which the students themselves are the principal players. The classroom environment is an open one to encourage the exchange of ideas and collaboration through Happy Learning. Teachers are not leaders but companions whose role is to encourage innovation, creativity and teamwork between students and inspiring curiosity through play, research and experimentation.


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