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Projects and current programs


TECNOLAB has created different educational projects to adapt the teaching and learning process to the current and future reality, where experimentation, investigation, and technology will be the way to learn. Currently we are carrying out the following projects at different schools in Garraf and Baix Penedès regions.

Tecnolab at the School

TECNOLAB works with schools in the implementation of technological learning in the classroom. We offer to the educational community technology training for students and teachers.

Extracurricular Tecnolab

We offer TECNOLAB as an extracurricular activity to Parents’ associations (AMPAs) and interested schools. Our activities are multidisciplinary and include programming, robotics, electronics, and Maker.

Tecnolab Discovery

Technological discovery includes specific courses based on technology, whose objective is to introduce children to the world of programming, robotics and electronics. We encourage children to discover their interior inventor


Tecnolab with Family

TECNOLAB with the family are workshops in which we encourage parents and children to learn together through using creative technologies in order to see technology as an accessible tool to create things whilst strengthening family bonds and establishing social connections.

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