We are a committed team of teachers, engineers and technologists who have a common goal: to awaken the curiosity of children and young people to technology

Anna Pujals


I am a Computer Engineer. I have worked for many years as a functional analyst and technical leader in large companies. My great passion has always been teaching. At present I am working as a high school teacher. 
TECNOLAB gives me the chance to dedicate myself to my two work passions, teaching and technology. It allows me to do this while respecting my educational beliefs, giving priority to children’s development and activating their learning capacity. 
I am dynamic and enthusiastic and also a logical and objective person. 

Núria Prat


I have studied Industrial Relations at the University Pompeu Fabra. I am trained in social and cultural animation, in leisure activities for children and young people, and training of trainers. I have worked as a teacher of Labour Law at Occupational and Continued Formation courses by the Generalitat de Catalunya. I have been part of a Dutch multinational business for 13 years as application manager using computer software for the management of processes at European level.

With TECNOLAB I would like to encourage education and to inspire new learning practices within a more meaningful and more motivating context that opens new perspectives to students. I'm currently working for the City Council in Vilanova i la Geltrú as an AODL technician for occupational training and innovative actions.

Estefanía Castillo

I am a primary education teacher who specializes in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) for learning, communication and expression. I have also been trained as an instructor in leisure time educational activities for children and teenagers. 

Being a member of the TECNOLAB team allows me to become involved in the use of technology as a teaching method for children of all ages. The technique works through meaningful and contextualized learning, encouraging the children to collaborate with their peers, and awakening their curiosity to the world around them.

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